Nothing gives a better insight into life at Garden House School than the words of a recent pupil about her time at the School.

The School video gives a flavour of what happens behind the big blue door on Turks Row – children working in their classrooms, early years’ dancing and more accomplished girl’s ballet in the performance room, pupils involved in competitive sports whether in the pool, on the track or with foil in hand. Older boys helping younger ones to enjoy reading and children doing cartwheels in the sun, a look at the delicious lunches and a glimpse of one of the annual drama productions at the Royal Court.


We can’t believe it’s the end of our Garden House experience and that we’re leaving this year! We wish we could restart our time at Garden House and go back to our first day in Prep. We will visit and come back when we can but nothing will be as good as our time at Garden House.

Being in USII has probably been one of the best years of our childhood. You get to learn, have fun and go through experiences you never thought would happen. If we could, we would go back in time and go through the whole year over and over again. The projects and trips have all been part of the wondrous adventures in USII. Garden House has been an amazing school and we hope that our next schools will be just as much fun

One of the most memorable parts of USII were the trips. They varied from France to Eltham Palace to the cinema. We all still remember the memories made, the fun had and the laughter cried. All these trips were an amazing bonding time and the perfect way to spend our last year together. We know that Garden House will never disappear from our heads as so many memories of our youth were created at Garden House School.

USII gave us many privileges, especially when we had finished our exams. As strange as it sounds, the sports’ teachers even trusted us to make the house cheers! We can’t believe we will have to go from the oldest in the school to the youngest. A year ago, we would have thought we wouldn’t be ready for the challenge, but the USII teachers have been understanding, knowledgeable and helpful.

USII wouldn’t be USII without Mrs Hepworth, Mrs Lilford and Mrs Studd, the kindest teachers. Most of the fun we had was because of our homework, believe it or not! We have created projects, drawings and standard homework which was almost as fun as the school trips! Our favourites were ‘Desert Island Discs’, ‘Take One Year’ and our famous ‘Mr Men’ books. Even though we have exams for the first one and a half terms, all the teachers made the experience as much fun as possible by giving us hot chocolate in between our exams!

By Stella Nathenson and Alexandra Ter Haar