Garden House aims to provide a stimulating and supportive environment in which our children gain an enthusiasm for learning, enabling them to achieve excellent progress. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum, placing emphasis on developing the whole child. 

Our children are encouraged to become independent thinkers who are kind, confident, have a positive self-image and respect those around them. They are introduced to the Kindness Code from the beginning, which is an important part of the School Ethos.

We aim to produce an environment in which children develop confidence, grace and courage. Garden House children are  encouraged to be interested in the people around them, their environment and the opportunities life presents. 

They should be respectful and understanding of custom and tradition; treating people from all walks of life with kindness and respect; valuing all. 

They develop the skills to communicate readily and effectively, remembering  listening is at least as important as speaking. A Garden House child appreciates the value of a team and enjoys working as part of one; understanding the capacity of a good team to enhance the individual’s performance. 

They should be aware of, and grateful for, the privileges of their upbringing but not under any illusion this confers upon them any superiority. 

Garden House children will develop an understanding and appreciation of the values fundamental to the idea of being British and be willing to stand up for those values with confidence and courage. 

They value their environment and look at the world around them with curiosity, love and wonder.

Non sibi sed omnibus – Not for one, for all