Games Uniform

Games clothes are required for all children from preparatory onwards. They should be kept in a clearly named gym bag.

Navy shorts

White Polo Shirt with GHS badge

Light blue rugby shirt with GHS badge - Junior School upwards

Navy Garden House hooded sweatshirt

Navy tracksuit trousers

Baselayer (only available from PlayerLayer)

Regulation navy blue waterproof jacket with logo

Navy sports socks with pale blue tops (JS upwards)

Trainers (predominantly white; no laces unless he is able to tie them)

Shin pads - required for Junior School upwards

Football boots with rubber studs - required for Junior School upwards (no laces unless he is able to tie them)

Black slip-on shoes

Regulation navy blue baseball hat with logo - Prep only (optional)

Regulation navy blue fleece hat with badge (optional)

Navy baseball cap with GHS logo

Cricket whites and Garden House Cricket jumper (Summer Term - Middle School II upwards only) - supplied by the school

Swimming Uniform

1 x Regulation speedo swimming trunks

1 x Towel (own)

Goggles (optional but recommended)