The Computing DepArtment


The Computing department at Garden House aims to provide our boys with a number of invaluable transferable skills, which will help them to prosper and work confidently in the increasingly technologically based world of the 21st century.

Alongside providing a firm foundation in the operation of the most widely-used software packages, our objective is to inspire the children to become the forward-thinking programmers, web-designers, games-makers and app-developers of the future.  A focus on programming, coding and control technology promotes the importance of approaching tasks in a logical and systematic way.  The boys are encouraged to organise their thoughts in a formal, unambiguous and structured manner.  Programming at Garden House is not, however, in any way robotic in its output; the coding skills which the children learn allow them to be creative and imaginative in their work, whilst also developing important problem-solving instincts.  Ultimately, we aim not just to teach our pupils how to use software and consume information but to give them the tools to become independent enquirers and producers of products and solutions.

To support this, the boys at Garden House are provided with access to a state-of-the-art provision of networked computers, laptops and tablets.  Weekly Computing lessons take place in our dedicated computer suite, whilst a wide range of departments use our class sets of laptops and LearnPad tablets to support the delivery of their curricula.  In addition, music technology sessions benefit from the use of Apple Mac computers.

Fibre-optic internet is available throughout the school, underpinned by advanced filtering systems.  Regular e-safety sessions are delivered in both Computing and Life & Culture lessons, which give our boys and girls the confidence to use technology in a safe, considerate and responsible manner.