The Academic Curriculm


Garden House boys study a wide and varied Curriculum in a lively and purposeful environment.  Our boys are taught separately from the girls for almost all academic lessons but opportunities are taken to bring the boys and girls together at various points during the week. All our teachers use a variety of teaching methods to ensure all the boys’ learning styles are catered for. 

Initially the boys are taught by their class teacher for the majority of their lessons but specialist teachers teach French, Sport, Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Music, Computing and Ballet.  As they move through the School the Curriculum becomes broader and they will also begin lessons in Latin, Fencing, Current Affairs and Study Skills.  The boys are taught in mixed ability classes for all subjects, however during Junior School (Year 2) and in the following years, the boys will begin to work in ability groups for Mathematics. 

We use the National Curriculum as the starting point for our core Curriculum and then build on this to ensure the boys are well prepared for both the 8+ and 11+ competitive entry examinations into the leading day and boarding schools.  We pride ourselves on a Curriculum which encourages the boys to be well rounded, confident learners who question and are able to express opinions on the world around them, as well as enabling them to achieve good examination results. 

Emphasis is placed equally on academic, sporting and artistic ability and on manners and consideration to others.

We value the wealth of museums, parks and learning opportunities in and around London, as well as further afield.  Every opportunity is taken to visit these to enrich the Curriculum. This varies from a trip to our own garden to study the wildlife, to rock climbing on a sea rock face in Cornwall.



  • Gardenversity Challenge
  • Boys’ Poetry Competition
  • House Shout
  • Garden House has Talent
  • Drama workshops
  • Inter School debating
  • Music Exams
  • Shakespeare in the Spring
  • Chicken Shed Theatre
  • Science Day
  • American Indians
  • Dinosaur Day
  • Science Day – animal roadshow
  • Literacy Day Workshops - author presentations