the Performing Arts department


Drama plays a major role in the life of Garden House School. Not only is Drama part of the weekly curriculum but the academic year is also filled with theatrical events and diverse workshops. The Drama Department celebrates the individuality of each child and encourages their unique personalities to thrive and their personal confidence to grow.

There is a strong emphasis on public speaking skills and an ability to communicate individual ideas and viewpoints to a wide audience. The non-denominational weekly Assembly is a major event, with each class being given the opportunity to choose a topic and to expand upon it. There are after school Drama Clubs open to any child who has an interest in performance. Children take English Speaking Board examinations in Middle School Two and Upper School One and are given the opportunity to take an Entry Level Acting examination through LAMDA in their final year at Garden House.

The dramatic year begins with either a Poetry Festival or World Arts Day in the autumn and a variety of exciting poets and performers are invited to visit the School and share their work through lively and interactive sessions. The children have the opportunity to write their own poems and to explore a diverse number of performance techniques whilst exploring cultures from across the globe.

Christmas brings a wealth of wonderful Church services and Carol Concerts which bring the whole School together in celebration. The Lower School present a Nativity and the Upper School boys and girls both provide a wonderful sense of festivity with their own services where there is great opportunity for public speaking and storytelling. A magical candlelit Service at The Royal Hospital Chapel concludes our Autumn Term.

The great dramatic highlight of the spring is the Shakespeare project. Each year MSII boys and girls come together to perform one of Shakespeare’s great works in a professional theatre. This project is always met with great enthusiasm by the children who relish the challenge of interpreting the language and of bringing some of the most famous characters in English literature to life.

The Summer Shows are the pinnacle of the dramatic year at Garden House. With five musical shows spanning the whole School, everyone has the opportunity to take to the stage and demonstrate all the dramatic skills they have learnt throughout the year.

The Summer Shows are performed at The Royal Court Theatre. This is a wonderful and unique experience for the children to perform on a truly world famous stage.