Whilst we try to avoid blowing up the school, we do have a huge amount of fun in Science! Children love learning Science at Garden House School and for many children it ranks amongst their favourite subjects.  Our aim is for our children to leave a Science class feeling inspired and to see the world with a renewed sense of wonder and inquiry.

Lessons are approached in a hands on, practical manner.  The children are encouraged to relate their scientific discoveries to everyday situations.  There are so many adventures for the children such as exploring live habitats, caring for recently hatched chicks, discovering patterns and animal behaviours at London Zoo, handling dinosaur fossils or using their circuit knowledge to create wonderful inventions.

Through Science children learn to think differently, investigate ideas, ask questions and discover answers themselves. They do this by observing, pattern seeking, identifying, classifying, researching and carrying out comparative and fair testing. Most importantly, in Science the children learn that mistakes are not to be feared but instead form a vital part of their learning journey.

Science Day is a particular highlight of the Garden House calendar with teachers and visiting scientists collaborating to bring the magic of Science to life via a wild variety of experiments, demonstrations and workshops.

“Our imagination expands every single time we have a lesson.”

“I love experiments. It is so much fun to see what happens; maybe it explodes, maybe it doesn’t!”

Head of Science – Miss Charlie Miller, BA (Hons), QTS

Charlie studied Graphic Design at the University of Brighton. Having spent some time working at Garden House during her gap year she decided to return as a teaching assistant in 2007. She then completed her training and worked in Preparatory (Reception) as a class teacher for 4 years. She has since worked in Transition (Year 1) and now Junior School (Year 2). She became Head of Key Stage 1 Science in September 2014 and overall Head of Science in January 2017.