Described as 'an art, a science and a sport' Fencing is an all-encompassing compliment to the education of a child. Principally the concept of 'technique', the application of which plays a crucial role in improving the chance of success; the logical element of fencing is how this concept transmutes across all sports and academic subjects - The deployment of the technical skills in 'combat' or free play is where the Artistic attributes develop, as the fencer composes their tactics according to their intellectual characteristics.


All the boys as well as the girls in Junior School and below dance at Garden House and we believe that every child, regardless of natural ability, is able to benefit from dancing in this happy atmosphere. Our objective is to encourage the highest possible standard within each child’s competence but also for them to have fun.

Classes for Kindergarten and Preparatory children are broadly based and include imaginative ideas and movement to music during which simple technique is introduced. The girls from Transition upwards study Cecchetti method of ballet, many entering for examinations, and all progressing as they move up the school to achieve a high standard of performance and an appreciation of ballet, enhanced deportment and physical grace that builds confidence and self-esteem. There are opportunities for children to perform in school concerts, charity events and some dance in a Nutcracker matinee at the Coliseum with the English National Ballet Company.

In their final year the girls finish the week with a lively and very popular jazz class. The boys enjoy a weekly energetic dance class partaking with enthusiasm and vigour. All the classes are accompanied by excellent pianists, apart from jazz where it is fun to have up to date modern taped music.