We use Mathematics in almost every aspect of our lives. At Garden House our curriculum is aimed at allowing the children to apply mathematical concepts with confidence; not only in their Maths lessons but also across the curriculum and in daily situations.

Lessons are approached in a variety of ways to ensure the children progress to the best of their ability. All pupils have opportunities to learn in a way which caters for their learning styles using a range of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic resources. In each year group the following strands are taught and reinforced: place value; number (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division); calculating; shape, space & measures; and, data handling.

Problem Solving is at the heart of our teaching and children are encouraged to apply their learning to practical situations, this includes creating magic potions, designing a Theme Park or using their measuring skills to work out the area of the chicken coops found in Roald Dahl’s ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’!

Mental arithmetic is a key skill which is taught from an early age. We encourage this in a number of ways including Times Tables awards and “Mad Minute”. Every there is a house competition where each child has the opportunity to compete in the Maths Olympiad which involves solving challenges and puzzles in house teams across the year groups. This causes much excitement for each pupil in Junior School upwards as they wait in anticipation of who will win the much coveted Olympiad award!

Head of Mathematics KSI – Mrs Bobby Vantreen BA (Hons), QTS

Bobby attended Leeds University where she took her degree in Business Management (BA). On completing her degree, she went to Roehampton University and completed her PGCE. She started working at Garden House in September 2013, teaching Transition Boys (Year 1) for three years, before moving to Junior School boys (Year 2) in September 2016. Bobby became Head of Key Stage One Mathematics in 2015.

Head of Mathematics KSII – Miss Katie McDonald BA (Hons), QTS

Katie attended Southampton University and took her degree in Geography (BA). She continued at the same University and undertook her teacher training to complete her PGCE. Katie’s teaching career began in Totton where she worked at Abbotswood Junior School teaching KS2 for four years. She then moved to Kenya in 2010 and spent the same number of years teaching at St Andrew’s School – a British Curriculum boarding school on the edge of the Rift Valley. Here she taught 9-11 year olds and became Head of Year 5 & 6.

She joined Garden House in 2014 and having completed four years with Upper School Two Boys (Year 6) in September 2018 she moved to teach Upper School Two Girls (Year 6). She became Head of Key Stage Two Mathematics in 2015.