Most boys join Garden House in Preparatory (4 years old). However, it is possible for boys to join in Kindergarten (3 years old) and in Middle School II (8 years old). Our boys achieve a great deal during the years they are with us. Boys leave Garden House at either 8 or 11 years old, securing places at leading day and boarding Schools.

Garden House boys explore a broad and exciting Curriculum. They study English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography and Religious Education. Art, Computing (ICT), Dance, Drama, French, and Music are taught from Kindergarten. As they progress through the School, they study Latin, Design Technology, and Current Affairs. We offer study skills classes and other modern languages in morning or After School Clubs. Sports and Physical Education play an important role in the Curriculum providing outlets for the boys’ energy as well as building their confidence and developing their team spirit. After School Clubs are offered to the boys from the age of 6 onwards, providing added variety to their School day.

Garden House provides a thorough and balanced education in a lively and purposeful environment. Our boys are taught separately from the girls for almost all academic lessons but opportunities are taken to bring the boys and girls together at various points during the week. Our boys attain high academic results, achieved in a calm and constructive manner, being encouraged to have inquiring, independent minds. Emphasis is placed equally on academic, sporting and artistic ability and on manners and consideration to others.

Garden House has two libraries, a computing suite, an art room, ballet/performance room and a wonderfully equipped music room.