Below is a summary of the Schools which our boys have attended following Garden House. Garden House teachers and Heads work tirelessly to ensure our boys secure the ongoing School best suited to their personality, ambitions, academic and non-academic abilities.

Ultimately, our boys attend some of the most highly regarded day and boarding senior Schools in the country.  The five most popular Schools for our old boys are as follows (in order of popularity): Eton College, St Paul’s, Harrow, Winchester College, Westminster.  About two thirds of our old boys attend one of these five Schools.

201220132014201520162017Day Schools
000000Dulwich College
000000Eaton House the Manor Prep School
000000Harrodian School
000000King's College School Wimbledon
000000Latymer Prep
000000Northcote Lodge
000000St Paul's Junior School
000000St Philip's School
000000Sussex House
000000Westminster Cathedral Choir School
000000Westminster Under School
000000Wetherby Preparatory School
000000Wetherby Senior School
Day SchoolColumn12Column2Column4Column6Column7Column8
DAY SCHOOLS201720162015201420132012
Dulwich College211
Eaton House the Manor Prep School111
Harrodian School11
King's College School Wimbledon222
Latymer Prep21
Northcote Lodge11141
Northcote Lodge11141
St Paul's Junior School356215
St Philip's School122
Sussex House1245948
Thomas's 1332
Westminster Cathedral Choir School322313
Westminster Under School543471
Wetherby Preparatory School344232
Wetherby Senior School111
Bruern Abbey31
Caldicott 1211
Cothill House21
Horris Hill2
Summer Fields2441
Sunningdale 111
In recent years, we have sent boys to: City of London Schools for Boys, Cottesmore,
Highgate School, Lambrook, St Bernard's NYC, St James's Junior School and
Westminster Abbey Choir School
201220132014201520162017DAY SCHOOLS
112Dulwich College
111Eaton House the Manor Prep School
11Harrodian School
222King's College School Wimbledon
12Latymer Prep
14111Northcote Lodge
14111Northcote Lodge
512653St Paul's Junior School
221St Philip's School
8495412Sussex House
313223Westminster Cathedral Choir School
174345Westminster Under School
232443Wetherby Preparatory School
111Wetherby Senior School
LONDON SCHOOLS 2017 2012-2016
Dulwich College 2 2
Eaton House The Manor - 3
King's College School, Wimbledon 2 4
Latymer Prep - 3
Northcote Lodge - 8
St Paul's Junior School (Colet Court) 3 19
St Philip's - 5
Sussex House 12 30
Thomas's 2 9
WCCS 3 12
Westminster Under School 5 19
Wetherby Prep 3 14
Wetherby Senior 1 2
Bruern Abbey - 4
Caldicott 1 4
Cothill - 3
Forres Sandle Manor 1 -
Ludgrove 3 11
Summer Fields - 11
Sunningdale - 3

The above list shows all Schools boys joined last year or schools where at least three boys have gone over the last six years. 

In recent years, we have sent boys to Schools such as Highgate, Kew House, Westminster Abbey Choir School, Cottesmore, Horris Hill and Windlesham.