Garden House old girl Saba Douglas Hamilton

Saba Douglas Hamilton is a conservationist and naturalist and television presenter.  She is Director of the Elephant Watch Camp in Kenya’s Samburu National Park.  Saba comes from a family closely linked to wildlife and to Kenya; her father is the zoologist Iain Douglas Hamilton and her mother’s family have lived in Kenya since the 1920s.  Indeed Saba was brought up in Kenya for the first seven years of her life as her father worked there; returning to England and attending Garden House School.

Saba and her family, her husband Frank Pope, also a conservationist and their family of young children are the subject of a charming and informative series on BBC 2 called The Wild Life.  All eight episodes are available on BBC IPlayer.  The series follow Saba and her family as they relocate to Samburu in Kenya and care for and protect the elephant population.

The producer of the series wrote the following: "It has been a privilege to watch the adventure unfold. This is a wonderful programme about the most noble of animals and the most noble of people who work tirelessly to protect them.”