Garden House old girls and sisters establish a Charitable Art Competition

A fundraiser conceived by sisters has received the backing of a government minister and high-profile names in the art world. Isabella and Natasha Tagliaferri, from St Paul's School and formally pupils of Garden House have established the UpStArt project after teaming up with the Anne Frank Trust. It will see art work created by Sixth form students from around London entered into a competition, exhibited and auctioned off with proceeds split between the charity and artists. Culture Minister Ed Vaizey has sung the praises of UpStArt, while some of the UK's leading art aficionados have thrown their support behind the initiative. 

Isabella, 16, and Natasha, 14 came up with the idea after viewing the numerous works of A-level art produced by students at their school. They were impressed with what they saw and felt it deserved to be viewed and admired beyond the classroom. 

This initiative offers young artists valuable exposure to some of the industry's biggest names, with judges including curators from the Saatchi and Whitechapel Art Galleries and representatives of the Fine Art Society and Affordable Art Fair. 

The Anne Frank Trust uses schoolchildren as ambassadors to combat prejudice and discrimination among all ethnic and social groups.