the LEARNING SUPPORT department


As a non-selective School, Garden House is committed to enabling every child to achieve their full potential and our strong and committed Learning Support Department plays an active role in this.

It is staffed by a team of four full-time highly-qualified special needs teachers, augmented by two part-time similarly-qualified teachers. The School is thus able to provide specialist help for a wide range of learning difficulties. In addition, two speech therapists and an occupational therapist visit from local clinics. This enables children’s needs to be met within School and all specialists can keep in close contact with teaching staff and parents.

Support is tailored to a child’s specific requirements, whether it be in the classroom, as part of a small group or one-to-one lessons. Three of our specialist staff are also qualified to conduct thorough assessments to gain greater insights into a child’s strengths and difficulties.

The Department runs a variety of groups ranging from handwriting, spelling, phonics, language skills (including EAL children) as well as After School Clubs including Sensory Circuits and Puzzle Club.

Able Learners

At Garden House School, we believe teaching and learning should be challenging and enjoyable for children of all abilities. We recognise the need to identify our Able Learners as early as possible in their School career and thereafter to make enhanced provision for them. 

We use a variety of criteria by which to assess a child as an Able Learner, including analysis of class work, various assessment techniques are utilised as is observation.  The School’s Able Learner Register keeps a record of such provision for each relevant child.  The provision includes teaching in small groups, extension for the child within class teaching and Challenge Boards.  

After School invitation-only Clubs exist to further challenge these children.