Communication between Garden House School and the parents is of paramount importance. We believe in a partnership between home and School. Only by means of such a relationship will your child achieve his or her potential.

Parents are always welcome to call the School. We urge parents to attend the many concerts, ballet recitals and School matches, assemblies and other events listed in the School Calendar.


We produce a weekly newsletter, one for the boys and one for the girls, which is distributed to all the children of each family on Friday. An electronic newsletter is available online. These newsletters are designed to keep you up to date with important notices, forthcoming events, such as details of School trips, sports events and matches, changes in procedure, diary dates, reminders of events and reviews of past trips and match analysis, weekly Assemblies and Morning Thoughts.


Meetings between teachers and parents are scheduled in the Autumn term for the parents of children in Middle School I (boys) to Upper School II (girls and boys). Other meetings are organised for the rest of the academic years during the Spring term, to see your child's work and discuss your child's progress and achievements and to set targets for future development.

In addition to these formal meetings, parents are welcome to contact members of staff throughout the year should they have any queries or concerns which they would like to discuss.

A Curriculum Meeting is scheduled in your child’s new classroom at the beginning of the new School year, to introduce the new class teachers and assistants and to outline the aim and content of the forthcoming year’s academic programme. During the Academic year, each class hosts an Open Morning where workbooks are displayed in order for parents to see their child’s work.

Garden House Parents’ Association

Garden House has an active Parents' Association chaired by a parent.  Each class is represented on the Parents' Association Committee by a class parent known as the Class Representative. The Class Representatives hold regular meetings and coffee mornings with their Class parents to keep them informed and to exchange ideas. The Parents' Association welcomes new, enthusiastic parents to join their ranks.