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Holly Stille of Stone and Mason based in Chelsea

Holly always had an arty bent when she was a pupil at Garden House. She attended Woldingham after Garden House and then studied for her degree at Oxford Brookes. In 2019, Holly joined the business her mother had established the previous year, a design business called Stone and Mason based in Chelsea. Recently featured in a double-page spread in Sloane Square Magazine, Holly
explains the ethos behind the business which makes original handbags with compact kits containing all manner of useful things including metal straws, hair ties and plasters. There are hidden pockets for that all-important taxi money to get home.

Being a multi-generational family business, the needs of all clients are considered and fulfilled. Holly’s two brothers followed her to Garden House. Sam and Freddie are mad-keen Chelsea supporters. A handbag named Stamford is a nod to their passion. ‘Keeping it in the family’ as they say. for the Cadogan Estate

Holly Stille attended Garden House School, 1996 – 2002