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The house system exists to encourage healthy competition between groups at the School

It is all about group endeavour, team effort made and rewarded for the common good. The house system creates a sense of belonging beyond the classroom, connecting the smallest Transition child with the most grown-up 11 year old leaver. There is a great sense of house pride.
The children work to claim the House Cup and to attend the year-end, winning House party.
There are eight houses in the school, four for boys and four for girls.

Bluebell/Ash - Blue

Members of the eight houses compete in sport, in music and in academic competition.

Poppy/Beech – red

All children are placed in Houses randomly at the age of six apart apart from siblings, who are placed in the same house.

Daffodil/Oak – yellow

House sporting events include Inter House Swimming Galas, Inter House Cross Country, Inter House Netball, Inter House Rugby, Inter House Rounders and Inter House Hockey.

Holly/Willow – green

Academic House events include Gardenvarsity Challenge and Maths Olympiad.
Performing arts House competitions include Gala Night and House Shout.

House points are awarded for kindness, good behaviour and hard work.

These need to be exceptional, out of the ordinary acts or pieces of work within the range of the specific child. In addition, there are a variety of events in which the children compete on behalf of their houses.

Good deeds, good manners, community efforts within the school, community efforts outside the school, children's uniform presentation are ways to accrue points for their house.