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The house system exists to encourage teamwork and healthy competition

It is the bedrock of the competitive side of school life; encouraging teamwork and providing an opportunity for children in different year groups to work together. The house system creates a sense of belonging beyond the classroom, connecting the smallest Transition child with the most grown-up 11 year old leaver. There is a great sense of house pride.

Bluebell/Ash - Blue

The houses participate in competitions involving all areas of school life, including sport, music and academics.

Poppy/Beech – red

All children are placed in houses at the age of six. Siblings will always be in the same house to promote a family atmosphere.

Daffodil/Oak – yellow

House sporting events include swimming galas, cross country, netball, football, rugby, rounders, hockey and athletics.

Holly/Willow – green

Academic house events include Gardenversity Challenge and the Maths Olympiad.
Performing arts house competitions include Gala Night and the House Shout.

House points are awarded for kindness, bravery, good behaviour and hard work.