Fees & early years funding

The garden house school annual fees

Fees are fully inclusive (i.e. ballet, swimming, meals and outings are included). There is an additional charge for some residential trips and 1:1 tuition. Our fees for the academic year 2022/23 are:
Kindergarten AM & PM
£6,300 per term
£7,975 per term
Junior School & Transition
£8,400 per term
Upper School and Middle School
£8,450 per term
There is a 5% reduction in fees for second and subsequent children attending as pupils concurrently. Bursaries are available to parents requiring assistance with school fees. After school clubs are charged separately every term. All other arrangements relating to fees are available from the Bursar.

early year funding

Garden House School is an eligible Early Years Provider for Early Years Funding. Parents or guardians wishing to claim Early Years Funding for eligible three and four year olds can do so through the School. The entitlement can be received up to and including the term during which your child turns five.

Any grant received from the Kensington and Chelsea Council will be refunded to the parents.

To claim the funding, irrespective of which Borough you reside, parents or guardians need to apply to The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea by completing the Parental Declaration Form for Free Entitlement (please see below).

In addition, we ask you to complete a Garden House Parents Checked-List Form.

There are two levels of funding:

15 Universal Hours - Funding is available for a minimum of 15 Universal hours per week and up to 38 weeks per year. The current entitlement is £7.05 per hour.

Extra Hours - Parents may also apply for a maximum of 23 hours (15 Universal hours plus 8 additional hours) for Kindergarten and 30 hours (15 Universal hours plus 15 additional hours) for Preparatory if both parents are in employment and providing other conditions are met.

To apply for Extra Hours, you will need to apply via HMRC website (the link below) and obtain a CODE, which should be given to the School as soon as possible in order for us to process your extra hours claim.


Once the School is in possession of the completed and signed documentation and has submitted it to the RBKC, your funding will be paid to the School. We offer two options. Please let us know whether you wish the funding to be credited to your next term’s fees or to be refunded to you by Bank Transfer. The payment will be made during or after each half term.

Once you have made your first application, the School will continue to apply for funding in the subsequent terms until your daughter/ son is five years old. Please contact the Bursar for more information regarding this funding by telephone or by email jrobinson@gardenhouseschool.co.uk