ensuring a safe and kind enviroment

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We work hard to Ensure a safe and kind environment in which to learn

Garden House teachers, parents and children work together to create a happy and caring learning environment. We believe all children function best in an atmosphere which imposes structure and discipline to their lives. Excellent manners and kindness to others are at the very core of our teaching.
Each child at Garden House is nurtured as an individual. We believe excellent pastoral care is the responsibility of all staff and is a partnership between the child, the parents and the School. We monitor every child’s academic and personal progress. The high ratio of teachers to pupils allows us to know and understand each child extremely well. Their individual strengths and concerns are understood equally.

Our kindness code is fundamental to all we do at Garden House.

All members of the Garden House School community follow our Kindness Code, the contents of which are rigorously adhered to and constantly re-emphasised.
Our children are encouraged to speak and share their views and opinions with grace, courage and commitment.

We believe the caring atmosphere at Garden House enables each child to feel secure and happy. We remain convinced in the belief a happy child learns well.

Separate weekly staff meetings on both the boys’ and the girls’ sides cover pastoral issues ensuring an across the school approach, so no child is lacking the support he or she needs. The meeting minutes are distributed across both Schools, ensuring effective dispersal of information.
A hierarchy provides pastoral care from class teacher to Head, ensuring no child is missed or sidelined.

The pastoral care team is led by Guy Musson, Deputy Head (Pastoral) in both the Boys’ and Girls’ Schools.

Guy ensures all staff are trained in the safeguarding of children and the School’s safeguarding policy is understood and observed by every member of staff. An added element in this caring structure is provided by the School Counsellor. This person provides support for a child who has spoken to his or her teacher about a concern.
Children have an opportunity to contribute to the way the School is organised and run by means of representing their peers as an elected member of the School Council.

Garden House has its very own School Council.

The Council provides pupils in MSI and above an opportunity to share their constructive ideas and suggestions with teachers and School management. Representatives are elected democratically by the pupils in each Upper School class.
School councils can be a most excellent training ground in responsibility for future citizens. At Garden House, we believe being involved in the School Council helps citizen awareness, improves relationships between pupils and teachers, enhances the skills of communication, negotiation, decision-making and team-work and encourages pupils to have an increased pride in Garden House School. Pupils enjoy a greater level of trust and believe a School Council leads to a pleasant and equitable school ethos.

If any child at Garden House School is experiencing a problem - big or small - the usual port of call is their class teacher or teaching assistanT.

If the problem needs further intervention, the School Counsellor can be a further point of contact. Some children find it easier to chat to someone outside their immediate classroom environment and the School Counsellor can offer a safe haven in a different and quiet room, either as a one off or on a more regular basis as necessary.
The School Counsellor has many years’ teaching experience, has three children of her own and during those years, has lent a sympathetic ear to a variety of concerns.

First-class pastoral care

The ethos of Garden House School has been successful in creating a remarkably kind, caring and nurturing environment in which to learn. We believe with a backdrop of provision of the very best level of pastoral care, each child will reach their full potential.