ensuring a safe and kind enviroment

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We work hard to Ensure a safe and kind environment in which to learn

Garden House teachers, parents and children work together to create a joyful and caring learning environment. One which celebrates the wonder of childhood and the learning journey. Good grace and kindness to others are at the very core of our teaching.
Each child at Garden House is nurtured as an individual. We believe excellent pastoral care is the responsibility of all staff and is a partnership between the child, the parents and the School. We monitor every child’s academic and personal progress. The high ratio of teachers to pupils allows us to know and understand each child extremely well. Their individual strengths and concerns are understood equally.

Our kindness code is fundamental to all we do at Garden House.

Our children are encouraged to speak and share their views and opinions with confidence, grace and courage.

We believe the joyful and caring atmosphere at Garden House enables each child to thrive and develop a secure foundation for their future learning and a happy and fulfilling life.

The pastoral care team

All staff are trained in the safeguarding of children. They are supported by a dedicated pastoral care team and school counsellors.

the School Council

Children have an opportunity to contribute to the way the School is organised and run by means of representing their peers as an elected member of the School Council. The Council provides pupils in MSI and above an opportunity to share their constructive ideas and suggestions with teachers and School management. Representatives are elected democratically by the pupils.

If any child at Garden House School is experiencing a problem - big or small - a friendly face and a helping hand is there for them.

First-class pastoral care

Garden House School is a remarkably kind, caring and nurturing environment in which to learn. With the very best pastoral care, each child will reach their full potential.