The Garden House School Old Girls and Boys Association consists of former girls, boys and staff with the aim of the School providing a means of keeping in contact with the School and with each other.

We welcome news from our former pupils and staff and below are news stories for you to read. Please add some of your own. It does not have to be about ruling the world, although we would like to hear if you are: the heads love hearing you are rowing at senior School with a friends from Garden House. Equally if you are a bridesmaid to an old Garden House friend, please send a picture!

The following is a selection of news from members of the Garden House Alumni, ranging from those who left the School recently and are enjoying their chosen senior School to those who are at university or who have been out in the working world for some time.

Please do read and enjoy and see if you can spot news from any of your classmates! Equally important, please contact us with your news and your whereabouts by various means as detailed on the Alumni contact page.